Presents – The Perfect Female

0% Presents – The Perfect Female

Beeg was launched in 2014 which refers to porn website. You might be thinking what does beeg means??. Beeg is the phonetic version of Blowjob.
So instead of saying “Perfect Girl Gave BJ to her Stepbrother”, you’d say “Perfect Girl Gave Beeg to her Stepbrother”.

But wait there’s more. Because this word isn’t well known, many use it to sneak in porn and adult-rated material on social networking sites that would usually not allow such a thing, such as Instagram and Youtube. This is very similar as to how just less than a year ago “Ebony” was a keyword used to find porn on these same sites, though now it’s been added to an additional filter to check for adult-themed material. I guess “beeg” is the new “ebony” in terms of keywords.

Actors: Nicole Aniston