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Gamer Stepmom Anna Bell Peaks Gets Fat Stick


Gamer Stepmom Anna Bell Peaks Gets Fat Stick. Jason Moody is in the mood for his favorite online game for the weekend. As he starts to play in the living room, his step mother Anna Bell Peaks decides its cleaning time and starts to vacuum the house. On top of it, she is now in the living room and blocking Jason to see the TV for his game.

Gamer Stepmom Anna Bell Peaks Gets Fat Stick
As guy complains about her cleaning, she tells him that this place really needs a vacuum. After she completed the cleaning, redhead milf Anna Bell comes back into living room and sit next to her step son Jason on the couch. Tattooed redhead asks questions about the game and wants to try it for herself. It turns out that she was a gamer back in her days and now she is playing quite good.

As she is killing the monsters, Anna Bells lies comfortably on the sofa and puts her feet on Jason’s lap. This horny step mom has another idea to spend more quality time with him. While she is playing the game, Anna Bells slowly moves her feet and rubs his cock. Jason feels uncomfortable and tries to leave the room but redhead milf wants him to stay.

Then, tattooed stepmom Anna Bell asks for a massage for her shoulders. When he starts to rub her shoulders, redhead milf decides that it will be better without all the clothing. So, she takes her top and stay in her bra only. As Jason feels more uncomfortable, busty stepmom reaches for his cock and ends the foreplay.