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German Mailwoman Lilli Vanilli Seduces Danny


German Mailwoman Lilli Vanilli Seduces Danny. Although it is first day in her new job, busty blonde Lilli Vanilli gets already bored. She is in the mail room, licking and stamping the envelopes. While Danny D is passing through her door, he can’t keep eyes away from her hot body. He tells her good luck at her new job. Lilli tries to seduce him by licking envelopes in a very erotic way, she fails.

German Mailwoman Lilli Vanilli Seduces Danny
This horny slut Lilli needs a first day cock so she decides to seduce Danny again. Busty German walks into his office and tells him that there is an special package needs his signature. When Danny says ok, she starts to takes her top. Surprisingly, she is the package and Danny can’t believe how big her tits are. But he can loose his job by fucking an employee. As he tries to say no, big titty blonde is already on her knees to suck him.