TeenFidelity – Karla Kush Opposites Attract


Nsaporn nsaporn TeenFidelity – Karla Kush Opposites Attract

Karla Kush likes doing her school work and staying in shape while her low-life boyfriend Ryan leads a life of petty crime, drinking and smoking weed. At first glance they seem to have nothing in common but once we see them fuck, the chemistry is clear as day. The glue that binds them comes in the form of the load Ryan leaves on her face.

Sometimes you’ll come across a couple and you’ll have no idea why they’re together…maybe they fight all the time, maybe they just seem incompatible. Opposites attract though, that’s what they always say and in this Teen Fidelity update we get to see it firsthand! Karla Kush is a health conscious go-getter full time student and her boyfriend Ryan Madison is a shiftless layabout slacker…you’d think they’d be like oil and water but when the clothes come off in this scene and we get to see the sexual chemistry it all starts to make sense!

Date: September 24, 2017
Actors: Karla Kush