Shesfreaky Elsa Jean Wanted Affection HD


Shesfreaky Elsa Jean Wanted Affection HD

Getting it on is second nature to Elsa Jean, whose primary goal is to distract her boss Van Wylde with a shoulder rub and plenty of kisses. When his hot secretary makes it clear that he can have anything at all he wants, Van knows better than to say no. Instead he flips up Elsa’s skirt to feel up her ass and thong while returning all of her scorching kisses. Shesfreaky

After Van has pulled her dress down to slide his mouth all over her rock hard nipples and small boobs, Elsa hops up onto the desk to let him move his mouth lower. He pulls her thong down her long legs and then spreads them wide, opening the space between Elsa’s thighs to accommodate him as he kneels. Pressing his mouth to Elsa’s bare twat, Van goes to work with his tongue playing his secretary like a beautiful instrument. Shesfreaky

When her dress is on the ground and her twat is throbbing, Elsa helps Van whip his cock out so that she can give it a few rubs before kneeling before him. Wrapping her soft lips and her small hand around Van’s shaft, she goes to town sucking and stroking to stoke his excitement. When she leans forward even further to deep throat Van’s cock, he knows that he’s found a slice of heaven. Shesfreaky

Hopping back onto the desk, Elsa moans with satisfaction as Van presses his stiffie deep into her bare snatch. Her soft folds welcome him as he starts pumping his hips back and forth, going slowly until he finds just the right spot. From there, he holds nothing back as he rocks Elsa’s world with each thrust. When Van flips Elsa around so that he can go even deeper, she eagerly urges him on with every single mewl of ecstasy. Shesfreaky

Lifting one leg for easier access, Elsa hangs on to the desk as Van continues to have his way with her. She loves having him in control, but when Van climbs onto the desk and urges her to ride him, Elsa is more than happy to give in to his wishes. As soon as she is fully impaled she gets to work pumping her hips and riding her personal stud like a champ! There’s no question that this position is just what she needs as she comes apart moaning her climax. Shesfreaky

Climbing off of Van’s stiffie, Elsa does whatever it takes to bring him over the edge. She works him with her hand, giving him the old fashioned that he needs to work his way towards a big cum explosion. Once Van has finished, Elsa gives him a final jolt of pleasure by leaning forward to lick the head of his cock and all the way down his shaft until it is squeaky clean. Shesfreaky

Elsa Jean – Life and Porn Career

Elsa Jean Early life

This Barbie/Elsa from Frozen (yes she intentionally took the name Elsa) is perhaps the next big thing. Elsa belongs to the new generation of porn stars and is only nineteen years old. She was born in North Canton, Ohio on September 1st, 1996 and attended Hoover High School in North Canton. Parallel to school she worked in a grocery store as well as in Starbucks. She was a shy girl and was dating older guys secretly. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

Being a smart child, she graduated high school when she was sixteen years old and went straight to college at George Mason University, where she began studying to become a surgical assistant. But she was attending the college for two years and once she turned 18, she stopped and became a porn star. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

Porn career

She is just one year in the porn industry and already has a growing fan base. No wonder with her natural body, completely free of plastic surgery and her long icy blond hair and green eyes. Fans believe that she has one of the cutest and prettiest faces in the industry. She captures the camera and the heart of the viewer immediately. The reason why she entered the industry was simple – she was looking for great sex. Her sex life was pretty miserable and she was constantly watching porn. It was frustrating her and she was constantly angry so one day she just thought that getting a really good sex (and knowing that she’ll get it for sure) is if you enter the porn industry. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

Elsa JeanSo it happened – she was eighteen years old when she first started. She was surprised by how much she enjoys her work and that the best thing about being a porn star is that you can try anything without being considered gross. She has filmed for 3rd Degree, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, and Airerose Entertainment, but Elsa can also be seen on adult websites as like for, Zefporn, Team Skeet, Petite Ballerinas Fucked, POVD and New Sensations. She admits she would really want to do peg on camera. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

Personal life

Although she is new in the porn industry and this blonde princess enjoys her time there she says that one day she hopes to finish her education of a surgical assistant. Elsa enjoys studying and education is very important to her. In her spare time she plays with her dog Olivia. She is not one of those girls who would start using high-tech toys because she doesn’t want to get used on them. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

Fans can communicate with her on twitter and she says that their support is extremely important for her and that is why she continues doing what she does for living. We will hear more about her during the next AVN Awards 2016. Shesfreaky Shesfreaky

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Shesfreaky Elsa Jean Wanted Affection HD Preview
Shesfreaky Elsa Jean Wanted Affection HD Preview

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Date: October 11, 2017
Actors: Elsa Jean