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Young Stud Bangs Ebony Stepmom Diamond Jackson


Young Stud Bangs Ebony Stepmom Diamond Jackson. Here is the new adventure of Juan El Caballo Loco. This time he has a new step mom, ebony milf Diamond Jackson. Of course, Juan can’t stop thinking about her and her big knockers. So, he gets into his parents shower to jerk off as he fantasizes about his step mother.

Young Stud Bangs Ebony Stepmom Diamond Jackson
While he is masturbating, his step mom Diamond walks in. She presumes that it is her husband in the shower and she needs to take a shower too. So, busty black milf takes off her clothes and decides to join her husband. Cunning step son Juan Loco gets an interesting idea so he can’t be caught and get a good reward. He places his hard cock in between curtains and doesn’t show himself to his mom.

Black milf Diamond thinks his husband needs a blowjob. So, she starts sucking him on bathroom floor. But how can her husband be so big? He really is bigger than usual. At that moment, he hears her husband voice coming from bedroom. Omg, she opens the curtain and finds out that she is sucking her step son Juan. When her husband walks into bathroom, she hides in shower with Juan. As soon as he leaves, she continues where she left because Diamond can’t waste a hard thick cock like him.